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Navdeep Kamboj

I am a student of MSW Panjab university Chandigarh. I have done my 30 days internship from open eyes foundation. It was a great opportunity for me to learn field skills . Open eyes foundation work on menstural hygiene and education. I am lucky to get opportunity to participate in almost all the projects of the organisation. What I personally like about this organisation is that the transparency in their work and funds...... which make this organisation different from all other organisation. Currently am volunteering with the organisation on RISE WOMEN : Be Period Positive projects . Overall I had a very productive experience with open eyes foundation.

Anmol Kamboj

I am very grateful that you have gave me opportunity to work in your open eyes foundation from very first day of my internship to end of my internship you gave me such good opportunities to work on such good projects i learn from you as well as sir that how to be kind and humble towards society thank you so much sir for those golden days and it was great experience which can never be forget.


Being a part of Open Eyes Foundation has been a real-time experience. I joined the foundation as an intern for 45 days. It has been an honor to be associated with one of the most dedicated and honest ngos working tirelessly at the grassroot level with utmost sincerity. My work involved segregation and catalogueing of books donated to the organisation, I also participated in distribution drives within Chandigarh...... I volunteered for Raddi se Shiksha, Naya Savera and RISE Women - be period positive campaign. I was also given the opportunity to work as awareness generator and accompany the team for Mother Meal project. I feel fortunate to be able to contribute to the construction of library-cum-tuition centre at Gareeb Daspur, Mohali. Open eyes foundation has made me value the fact that the real fulfilment comes from helping people with genuine effort and clear intentions. It has been a privilege to be connected with such a transparent and devoted organization.

Navjot Kaur

I am glad and I feel great to work for ''Vision in Dark'' project of Open Eyes Foundation. It is a very unique projects as a part of an NGO because it provides great opportunity to the visually impaired people by providing them a chance to get free audio books for completing their education and also to fulfill their interest of gaining knowledge through books. It feels amazing to see the efforts of a lot of volunteers...... who give their voice to record these books. Mr. Sandeep Kumar (Founder and President of the organisation) has done a really good job and is providing every single thing which is required to reach all the the needy visually impaired people and provide them these audio books. With continuous efforts of Mr Anjal (Superhead) and Ms. Palak (Head), it feels spectacular to me to work as a head for this project. ''Change is the the end result of all true learning.'' - Leo Buscaglia Yes, for sure we really look forward to take this change of converting books into to audiobooks to all the needy people to make a positive change and to spread this endless loop of learning in the society.

Anjal Singh

Vision in dark has been one of the best project that I have worked for. With the constant support and guidance of our President and Founder Mr. Sandeep Kumar along with the help of our two heads, Ms Palak and Ms Navjot Kaur, this project became what it is today. And ofcourse, all of the hardwork and endless hours devoted by all of our volunteers has played a major role in setting up the very foundation of this project...... The very basic idea to be able to show the world to someone through our eyes has been the main driving force of this project. And to be the voice that guides someone through the things that we take for granted on a daily basis has been entirely an experience of its own. I personally hope that all of our audio books reach to every student out there looking for assistance, free of cost, so that education never feels like a dream again. "There can always be a vision, even if you have no sight, for education is the movement from darkness to light." All of the audio books will be available to you in a chapter wise format, free of cost, and will be updated with the updation in the course books in both Hindi and English languages. Our team will make sure that the best quality audio books are always available to you at the earliest and are able to help you and every visually impaired student out there to read and learn through our eyes.


''Let us remember: A book, A voice, A student, A volunteer can change the world.'' No words can really complelety capture the joyous feeling in my heart when I think of being a part of such a unique project initiated by Mr. Sandeep Kumar(Founder and President of Open Eyes Foundation). Here, we as a family work together to provide a platform to visually impaired students by upgrading their skills...... and enlighting their future. Observing the considerable efforts of our volunteers who come up with their voices for recording the books make me feel rewarded. I really appreciate uninterrupted efforts of Mr Anjal( Superhead ) and Ms. Navjot( Head ) towards the project. Working with such beautiful souls allure me more and more into this amazing initiative. Looking forward to create a notable journey of converting textbooks into audiobooks with our VID Family!!

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