Now a days different agencies and Government are raising voice for equality, which is very important but if women is not empowered then equality means nothing. Women can take benefits from given opportunities only when she is empowered. So in our perspective women should be empowered enough to make a change. Women empowerment is the process which leads towards making women able to take decisions for leading to a better future. Empowerment should be there in her all aspects and starts of the society. For women empowerment firstly, women should have confidence in herself. It is possible only when she is healthy and fearless. In our society rural and slum area women don’t feel confident and healthy at the time of periods because of menstrual phase. Some girls leave the school because of it. They are not able to get higher education and become unskilled labour, which affect their whole life in a negative way. In menstrual periods women avoid working and loss in payments affects their financial condition. In rural and slum area women don’t have proper knowledge about the menstrual hygiene. They don’t use safe materials during periods. Even they have perception that periods are bad and they are impure during their menstrual phase. Our motto is to aware the rural and slum women about menstrual hygiene and periods, then providing them safe and cheaper pads, which will leads towards empowerment in other field also.


We do field survey and get information about the existing situation. Then we spread awareness amongst women about the menstruation like menstrual hygiene (how to use pads, how to dispose off and others). We are also distributing pads in different phases. Now we are looking forward to set up a plant the sanitary napkins manufacturing project, which will provide cheaper pads and we would employ local women in the manufacturing project which will make them independent to their bear their own expenses.