The lack of affordability and access to sanitary napkins makes women more vulnerable and prone to several infections, ultimately leading them towards life threatening health issues. In order to address the above mentioned issue, open eyes foundation work on providing sanitary pads to the needy girls and women under this project for four months. Along with providing them basic facility of sanitary napkins, our bigger motive is to inculcate in them the awareness and importance of health and hygiene. Our future goal after this step will be to start – ‘THE SANITARY NAPKIN MANUFACTURING PROJECT’. We will focus on manufacturing pads with the help of rural-local girls and women. Not only this project will fulfill their own needs but will also make them self sufficient and self employed.


1. To provide information regarding menstrual hygiene.

2. To make them aware of the problems related to their menstrual cycle.

3. Providing pads to deal with menstrual problems.

4. Giving information about the correct way to dispose off used pad.

5. Give information about the importance of hygiene during menstruation.

6. To educate girls and women about their menstrual problem by organizing sessions of experienced doctors. Giving answers to all their queries.

7. Providing the information about the benefits of using pads and motivating them to use pads.

8. To reduce the girl absentees in schools and women absentees at work place during menstruation.

9. To break the vicious circle of menstrual taboo.

10. To truly empower nation by empowering women.


1) Girls and women will be surveyed in slum areas.

2) Data related to menstruation of girls and women will be collected according to their areas.

3) In the menstrual periods, problems arising in girls and women will be treated regularly by experienced doctor.

4) Regular medical examination will be done.

5) People will be educated at slum areas schools, colleges, educational institutions and public places.

6) Pads will also be manufactured by time.


1) Collecting of data related to menstruation in girls and women in each slum area.

2) Creating awareness about menstruation in local citizens.

3) To motivate the girls and women to use the pads instead of the old methods.

4) Regular medical check-up.

5) Distribution of pads in a regular interval.


1) Each every girl and women will be periods positive after the entire awareness programme provided by us.

2) They will use pads instead of old clothes, ashes, soil etc.

3) Clean body and clean thoughts will help them to feel empowered.

4) Will ultimately help them to get rid of hazardous health issues.

5) Due to menstruation, absence of girls from school and women at work place will be reduced.

6) They will create a habit of disposing off their pads in proper way.

As there is this saying – Empowering women means empowering nation, we will achieve that by working at the grass root level.


One can help in this project by donating us sanitary napkins(towels,soaps,dustbins,etc) so that they could be further distributed in slum area girls and women.