Open eyes foundation also works on Environmental issues. We believe in waste hierarchy which consists 3R’s (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) We intend to teach and incorporate these three fundamental principles in our daily life. We spread the message to bring little changes in daily life style to reduce waste and reuse and recycle the goods in best possible way. In our RADDI SE SHIKSHA campaign, we try to use donated books, Stationery items and goods by distributing them to poor children. We also make a proper use of waste paper by recycling them with the help of our volunteers.


Reusing old books, Stationery items and other household goods is making significant contributions is improving and saving the environment. Using the reverse side of printed paper works to save the environment and reduce the cost. Recycling Paper helps the environment economically responsible, reduces waste and improves efficiency and promotes a clean, green image.


Open eyes foundation makes it super easy for you. We all have a lot of books, used stationery items, and other household goods just lying at some corner and getting dusted. It’s time to give them a new life by donating them to those who are in need of and bring smiles on their faces!! Just schedule a pickup and get the donations picked up from your doorstep. Now you can donate and bring smile on the face of needy ones.