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The Prime Minister of India praised the efforts of Sandeep Kumar in “Mann Ki Baat” (25 October 2020)

"Hope On Wheels" Mobile Library

The project “Hope on Wheels,” a mobile library aimed at providing free books and other reading materials to underprivileged students in schools, colleges, and slum areas. Additionally, this project will offer novels to the general public free of cost. Our mobile library will also collecting used books and educational materials from households, educational institutions, and other organizations. Through this project, we aim to address the lack of educational resources and promote reading habits among children and young adults in need.

The main problems targeted by the “Hope on Wheels” project include the lack of educational resources, educational inequality, limited reading habits, waste of usable resources, and the neglect of marginalized communities. Through this project, the aim is to provide underprivileged students with access to educational resources promote book donations and reuse, foster humility and empathy among privileged children, and cultivates reading habits to empower individuals with knowledge and critical thinking skills.

The project’s objectives include instilling traits of honesty and integrity, encouraging book donations, repurposing old books, fostering humility and empathy, and cultivating reading habits. These objectives will be achieved through a detailed plan of action, including mobile library schedules, book collection and distribution strategies, provision of novels and non-curriculum-related books, public book borrowing, outreach and promotion activities, and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.