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The Prime Minister of India praised the efforts of Sandeep Kumar in “Mann Ki Baat” (25 October 2020)

Education Hut

Education hut’s primary focus is to provide children with education and not let them fall prey to malpractices or lesser quality of education. Our main target groups are the underprivileged students who are currently enrolled in schools and children who had to drop out because of personal or societal reasons.

Our organization has been working to achieve its goal by providing education in the slums of Tri-City. We all know that the living conditions in these slum areas is below the basic living standards; there is no proper sewage disposal, no sanitation facility, no safe drinking water or regular supply of electricity. Our aim is to provide them with sustainable, safe and constructive environment where they can sit peacefully and study.

We create proper classroom setup with the basic amenities like tables, chairs, books, etc. After we build the Education Hut, we create a tie-up with a third party who is ready to teach these children for free.

The cost of creating an Education Hut is Rs. 60000/-. It consists of a basic classroom structure with proper tables and chairs. We also provide educational and curricular books to the students to aid them in their education.