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The Prime Minister of India praised the efforts of Sandeep Kumar in “Mann Ki Baat” (25 October 2020)

About Open Eyes Foundation

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About Our Foundation

Open Eyes Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization has been working (Since 2017) tirelessly to sustain the Education of thousands of underprivileged students in tri-city. Organisation is collecting used books, stationery and educational materials from door to door, colleges, schools, and institutions and after segregating and repairing all the items we provide them free of cost to needful using the theme of Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. We have been working indefatigably towards helping the orphans and single parents, by covering educational expenses. The organization has also been working towards helping girls and women in straitened circumstances by providing free sanitary napkins and other hygiene products and making them more periods positive! The Organization is working vigorously in this regard.

Our Objective

  • The society has been organized as public welfare society and shall work for the Welfare of the public in various manners.
  • The society shall guide the public by counseling and rallies against the social issues and social evil.
  • The society shall provide cultural events for collecting the funds to be used for welfare means.
  • The society shall provide other extra-curricular activities like Blood donation camp, Cultural Fairs and Educational Fairs.
  • The society solves the family disputes of the general public who will approach them voluntarily for disposal of their family disputes.
  • The society shall work with special children to spread awareness about cultural/education to improve their confidence about life.
  • To provide education for privilege children distributing materials to poor students where will aim provide books, educational material etc. to needy students. To run school/coaching Centre and Computer center for the poor and needy Student of the society.
  • To create awareness among the people regarding AIDS and other disease to educate people against the taking drugs and alcohol.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Founder & President

Ms. Sapna Devi

Vice President

Ms. Savita

General Secretary

Mr. Mohammad Aslam


Mr. Arshdeep Singh

Project Co-Ordinator

Ms. Jaskirat Kaur

Project Co-Ordinator

Mr. Vishal Singh


Frequently Asked Questions

Every year thousands of students find it difficult to buy books, notebooks and general stationery to get holistic education. We understand that there are many children who live in abject poverty and find it difficult to get two square meals a day. For such children studying in school with all the necessary things like books, notebooks etc., is not possible.

Keeping this in mind we have initiated various programs for different stratas of society so that we can help as many children as possible. Our goal is to make the dream of education come true for as many underprivileged children as possible so that they can hope for a better life tomorrow.

Our main motto is quality education for all. We want children from all spheres in the society to get an education that they deserve which is the only thing that will help them build a better tomorrow.

Lack of proper education is hampering the future of the nation as a whole. If our children are not properly educated then there is no hope for a better tomorrow. We want to educate as many children as possible in an environmentally sustainable manner so that more children can use the same resources and we can be environmentally conscious.

Government has done a lot to address the matter of education but a lot is still left to be done. We want to create awareness and spread proper resources at the grass root level so that the truly needful can truly benefit.

We have spearheaded many projects till date and some of them are as follows:-

“Raddi Se Shiksha” Book Bank
We build up a “RADDI SE SHIKSHA” book bank. Any of the needy students can take the books from here for free. Additionally we extend the required help to other organization by sharing our collected resources with them. Along with this, its gives free informative books to the common people for free without any formalities.

Library of honesty
We build up small public library (Library of honesty) at public places where anyone can take any of the books to read for free.

Education Hut
We build up 2 “EDUCATION HUT” to provide the underprivileged children education. Presently the condition of the mentioned area is very poor and deteriorated with incomplete infrastructure. The housing quality is very low and living conditions are poor. It lacks key services such as sewage disposal, sanitation facility, and safe drinking water.

Hope on wheels
A mobile library that provides free access to educational books to needy students’ schools, colleges and their homes. Along with this, by visiting public places, it gives free informative books to the common people.

Naya Savera
We run “NAYA SAVERA” project to educate the children who lost their father or mother or both. In this we take the responsibility of providing educational resources to the 50 single and orphan students.

RISE Women: Be Periods Positive
Every year we provide sanitary pads, towels and hygiene essentials to the 600 underprivileged women in the Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Where the women reside have no proper drinking, bathing and sewerage. They are living in Unhygienic place.

Institutional tie-ups
Principally, we prefer to work with in-kind donation as I strongly feel that participation of the donor is equally important and it also saves our time and resources in procurement. State bank of India is our largest corporate donor and provided us with traveler bus and others educational items. Post Graduate Govt. College for girls 42, Chandigarh and Post Graduate Govt. Home Science College for girls 11, Chandigarh provide us human resource for voluntary work. Here are many other corporations, schools, institutions, and colleges who regularly conduct in-kind collection drives for us.

Work during emergency situation
Expanding our work, we also worked with the help of our donors and volunteers to provide clothes and sanitary pads during the 2018 Kerala floods.